How It Works

Fast, Efficient
Speed Read AI harnesses the power of advanced text embedding, natural language processing, large language models, and proprietary algorithms. To meticulously analyze, dissect, and interpret scripts within minutes – with unprecedented depth and accuracy.

Continuous Improvement
Our coders are adaptive and customer centric, relentlessly exploring emerging technologies to refine our product. If there’s a new AI tool on the market, chances are, we’re already exploring its integration into Speed Read AI.

Consistency & Reliability
While we ambitiously enhance iterations, we fine-tune each release for stability and performance. Sometimes delaying new features till they meet our strict requirements. This dedication to consistency and reliability ensures you of products you can count on.

Privacy & Security
Our script analysis is isolated, accessible only to members of your team. Strict data segregation means you’ll never encounter another user’s profile or projects. And Speed Read AI communicates solely with our proprietary STORYMAP API, ensuring multiple authentication layers and robust barriers to intrusion. To further safeguard your intellectual property, we partner exclusively with reputable providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon with strict agreements. Your data is never stored, shared, or used to train other models.

Database Protection & End to End Encryption
All user credentials, including emails and authentication details, are processed exclusively server-side. We safeguard passwords with advanced salting and stretching methods, securing them in a database protected with MD5 encryption. To shield against cross-site request forgery, we employ cryptographic tokens. And SSL and HTTPS protocols across our platform, ensure end-to-end encryption for your peace of mind.